William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


I thought again about my youthful days before I joined the Army.
About my relatives, and family folk, so countless, oh so many.
My great grandpa was a soldier and gramps was a soldier too.
Dad had joined the GG Guard’s, and fought in world war two.

So I joined up and signed the line backed by my Mom’s permission.
I was not old enough to sign the line to go away on Army Missions.
I swore an oath on the holy bible and placed my hand upon the flag.
Now I would serve Her Canadian Majesty, by a’wearing o’ the rag.

Great Grandpa joined the 60th Rifles a unit they called the Buffs.
He went off to India for the mutiny fight, getting there soon enough.
On to China Great Gramps then went: 17 years o’er seas was spent.
Pillage was a right to rob on retirement he bought a civil service job.

Grandpa William Willbond was from the Irish family.
He joined the Royal Irish Rifles, O’er in County Cork.
William married Bridget Bible a Catholic girl coming from Lismore.
They went off to serve in India where several children she bore.

No antibiotics back in them days the children mostly died.
The survivors came back to Ireland where Grandma Willbond cried.
She lost two more to the worldwide flu George and Georgina expired.
And grandpa died a young, young man as from the Army he retired.

My dad was put in an orphan school with mean frustrated nuns.
He told me that after his dad died, he no longer had any fun.
Dad came o’er to Canada when he was a kid of thirteen years.
The Willbond Family here today is because that man appeared.

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