William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD


Canada’s wounded soldiers in Afghanistan are coming home from Kandahar.
They now sit easing the pain or reality in their local neighbourhood bar.
They signed the Insurance paper, known to us all as the NVC.
The missing limbs are on display, they limp, now can’t you see?

But other wounds are not too evident, the wounds of soul and mind.
No one will hire these soldiers; they will soon now be left behind.
The food banks and soup kitchens the welfare Wednesday cheque
Are looming in the future, because no one really gives a heck.

They deserve a medical pension, a disability cheque each month for life.
To help them feed their children and to support each soldier’s wife.
Rudyard Kipling tells us the sad, sad story of the last of the Light Brigade.
We can see here now in Canada the same old mistakes still being made.

Author’s Note: This poem was inspired by a Rudyard Kipling Poem, “The Last Of The Light Brigade” that was sent to me by Billy McGuire today. Food for thought my friends.

If you look carefully at my Great Grandpa’s death NOTICE attached, you will see the medal KABUL TO KANDAHAR – De Je Vu or what? The Mean Street Photo taken in the DTLES by retired soldier and famous award Winning Canadian Poet, John Ward Leighton.

Great Grandpa’s death Notice
Great Grandpa’s death Notice (Click to view larger version)

Photograph ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton
Photograph ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton