Sarah V. Whitley


Tre, today on your Birthday
I’m writing this poem to say
I’m so glad you’re my friend
I can’t even attempt to begin
Begin, to say how much I care
We’ve had so much to share
So much happiness, and tears
Friendship and love for years
The loved ones we’ve both lost
Always friends, no matter the cost
Our babies, our joys, and even pain
Helped us to grow, to always gain
Mutual respect and love for each other
We have grown from Girls to Mothers
I remember when I lost my Mother
You cared for me like no other
That special Coconut Birthday Cake
For me that year you did make
You’ve never hesitated to give
But must of all, been able to forgive
I believe you reap what you sow
And this I want you to know
This friend will always be here for you
As friends we’ll never be one, but two
Tre, This I can always truly say:
I’m so glad God sent you my way

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my friend, Teresa T. Weatherly