Sarah V. Whitley


My Pixie Princess, “Skylar Autumn”
My Pixie Princess, “Skylar Autumn”
‘Mortal man I am vulnerable on this day so it seems’;
So I will grant you one wish, this is not a dream’.
Now speak your wish and leave me be,
Because I can’t fly with wet wings you see’.

Be careful one and only one wish not two,
Then leave and tell no one I warn you.
If you do, on you I’ll place a bad curse;
A curse of madness or death or worse!

Then kindly take leave of this place.
Take your wish and let your mind erase,
Any memories of this place where we dwell;
Again, I’ll remind you don’t you ever tell!

If you do believe me I’ll know I’ll be near;
And some of the fairies you really should fear!
So hurry: wish your wish now and be gone;
May I ask you please don’t take long.

Because fairies come out at dark,
And if they see you you’ll be marked.
Marked with a small ‘x’ on the left,
Right above your heart on your breast!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my Pixie Princess, “Skylar Autumn”