Sarah V. Whitley


My Father was a great, smart and gentle man,
How great, I’m only beginning to understand.
He told me wonderful things when I was a child.
Some things I didn’t understand for a while.

‘It’s a powerful place where the land meets sea;
Virginia, It’s a great magical place take it from me’.
Always remember whatever your troubles or woes;
The Next Wave is coming, for sure, this we all know.

The sea is like a beautiful woman you want to caress;
She can drape your body just like a clingy dress.
A peaceful place, where seagulls soar high in the air,
Where you can smell and feel sea salt in your hair.

My best childhood memories are there, where I spent,
All day looking for seashells, my back always bent.
The beach is a soft, warm, sandy place on which to rest:
Hopefully a place where you can always feel your best!

She can be so calm, beautiful, tranquil and quiet,
But then, she can change easily and cause quite a riot.
When she is calm, the sea is a tranquil true blue,
But if she’s mad, she’s a mean green, I can tell you.

So if you’re down or depressed, to the beach go first;
For your soul needs calming peace, for which you thirst!
The beauty of the beach and waves is just breathtaking;
Thank you Dad, for giving my soul relief, when it’s aching!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my Father, James E. Bateman, Sr.