Sarah V. Whitley


Words are really hard to find
To explain to you just how kind!
Simply breathtaking is her beauty.
She is more than just a cutie.

Summer is like a summers’ day.
She truly takes my breath away.
Her face is her best feature;
She wants one day to be a teacher.

She’s a nature girl that loves the beach.
With her tan, no one can compete.
Little children and animals, too,
Love her, almost as much as I do!

She is so kind to her family and friends.
I always, know where she has been.
She calls just to tell you she loves you;
And asks what chores you want her to do.

She is so very wonderful and sweet!
The kindest and prettiest girl you’ll ever meet!
Lord I don’t know, what I did right.
Please hear me when I thank you each night!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my daughter, Summer Marie Whitley: ‘Happy sweet 16th Birthday’!