Sarah V. Whitley


Goodbye to my dear fellow friends, and Virginia Beach residents,
I had to write a poem to honor you, sort of like a special present!

As I retire with more than 30 years of public service to you,
I really do have mixed feelings, because I love a lot of you, too!
Some have been my childhood friends that I’ve known all my life.
We’ve witnessed each other’s pain, sorrow, and sometimes strife!

Some of us have grown up together and rode on the same school bus;
to the same schools and now it’s our children growing up, it’s tough!
Tough, to say goodbye to old and new friends that I’ll always cherish,
Unfortunately some have gone on to our Lord, but love doesn’t perish!

I’ve realized the only thing that really matters in life is the love you share,
with the ones that love and need you, because they’re the ones that care!
I’ve also learned that love and respect is only given when it’s earned.
These feelings I have for a lot of you, and in my grateful heart will burn:

love and thankfulness for everyone that has been good to me, all these years!
It’s a lot easier to say this in a poem where you can’t see me, or my tears.
Because this goodbye is a lot harder than I could’ve realized, that’s for sure.
So as I begin life as a retiree, please remember no other public servant:
‘Loved You More’!

Now as I look forward to my future endeavors and toward my future sunsets;
I’ll always have wonderful memories, and my poetry, as my spiritual outlet!
So if you ever need a special poem for someone, or if you ever need me’
look me up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, that’s where I’ll be!

I’ll be writing my poetry under my trade name ‘Poems on Demand’!
Living in Pungoteague on the Island where the Indians called this land;
‘The land Between Two Waters’!

Between the wonderful Chesapeake Bay and the awesome Atlantic Ocean!
Where I’ll be thinking of you all, for Virginia Beach will always have my
‘Love and Devotion’!