Sarah V. Whitley


As we pause to remember and pray for our friend,
remember, this life is just the beginning not the end.
Dick’s life was spent tirelessly defending the law.
He was a good man and kind to everyone he saw.

It never mattered who you were or what you had;
he fought for justice, and listened to all that was said.
If he couldn’t help, he’d find someone who would,
and Dick always did everything he possibly could!

He was a knight among men, yet he was a formidable foe;
he was always there for his clients, was never a no show.
If you knew him you loved him and he had your respect;
this selfless man that spent his life swearing to protect!

Dick will no doubt be fondly remembered in a very special way,
For he was there protecting the helpless and the weak everyday!
He didn’t charge by the hour, he never turned anybody down;
usually made the other lawyers look inadequate, feel like a clown!

He loved his wife, his daughters, his only son, and his many friends:
There will never be another Dick Brydges, and there never has been!
He was only mortal and had his problems, but you would never guess;
because, this man was simply tireless and would hardly ever rest.

His wife Anne always tried so hard to make him take a vacation,
but it was almost impossible; it just wasn’t Dick’s vocation!
He left behind three grown children, and so many countless friends.
He will be missed by everyone who knew him, on this he can depend!

Now as we look among ourselves and realize why we’re here,
and as we dab at our eyes with our handkerchiefs for tears,
remember the good that he accomplished while he was here.
For to know Dick Brydges was an honor, the man had no fear!

So, as the last line of the poem “When I’m Gone”;
reads, ‘And remember only my best,’
Please do that, for now he’s peaceful and finally at rest.

For we all know that our Lord God only takes the very Best!

Sarah V. Whitley: Ode To Richard G. “Dick” Brydges, Esquire: Defense Attorney