Sarah V. Whitley


Listen to the sounds of the night.
Something about it just feels right.
I just love to quietly embrace,
The magic of the moon’s face.

Listen, to the noises the creatures make.
Then you realize, God made no mistakes.
There are millions of celestial stars out:
‘God, thank You’, I just want to shout!

Life really is about love and peace.
These blessings, helps us release,
Release, the tensions of the day;
Be thankful for each other, anyway.

The night is different than the day;
The daylight lingers then slips away.
Daytime goes away so gracefully,
Then succumbs to the night peacefully.

The sun sinks quietly into the distance.
Then its’ gone almost in an instant.
It leaves behind vibrant colors like fire.
This transformation helps us to retire.

To retire from the chores of the day,
Hopefully you’ll be thankful and pray.
Pray to God, and thank Him for the earth,
For everyday is really a re-birth!