Sarah V. Whitley


Skylar Autumn McCarley
Skylar Autumn McCarley – “My Sky”
My Grandchild is “My Sky”;
I’d like to tell you why.
Virginia Dare is her Mother;
God has blessed me like no other.

I was told I’d never have a child,
But I kept praying all the while.
It took me all of seven years,
And more than a lot of tears!

But I knew before I was told,
God had whispered to my soul.
That soon I would be blessed,
With a child to rest upon my breast!

My Life has never been the same:
Without Love, Life’s a worthless game.
When I look at her beautiful face,
I’m so thankful to be in this place.

Here where “My Sky” is always clear,
I pray daily so God can always hear.
Thank you, my Lord, my Savior!
For this Life I so truly savor!

Author’s Note: My Granddaughter’s real name is Skylar Autumn McCarley – “My Sky” to me.