Sarah V. Whitley


Olive Elaine Swindell Bateman
My Mother, Olive Bateman
My mother’s eyes were a dark brown.
Her hair was brunette, curly, and soft as down.
They were so beguiling, and so very wise;
Her long lashes couldn’t hide her kindness inside.

Her lips were so very full and dark red,
There isn’t enough that could be said;
Said, of her magnificent beauty and soul,
But children and hard work took their toll.

She bore four daughters and two sons,
And loved us, unconditionally, each one.
She left this world a much better place,
I will never forget, her beautiful face.

She always took time to show she cared,
Any problems, she would always share.
I miss her so much she was so very dear;
When I think of her she seems so near.

We scattered Mom and Dad’s ashes together.
Because Dad, wanted to be with her, forever!
Mom and Dad, hear me when this I say,
I pray to see you both in Heaven someday!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my beautiful Mother, Olive Elaine Swindell Bateman