Sarah V. Whitley


James Elisha Bateman, Sr
My Father, James Elisha Bateman, Sr
As I walk upon my Father’s land
the vision of him floods my mind.
My Father was a hard-working man.
I search desperately but I can’t find
His unforgettable handsome face;
I’ll always love him: he worked so hard.
Memories of him can’t be erased!
I think I see him raking the yard.
I run to him, but then he’s gone!
‘Where did you go, Daddy?’ I can’t see.
I miss your hugs, it’s been to long!
Lord, I pray that he also misses me!
He came for Mom, and took her away.
She was so very sick, and ready to go.
Mom was slowly dying, and he did say,
‘He’d come back for her someday!’

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my wonderful father, James Elisha Bateman, Sr.