Sarah V. Whitley


This is the time of year to be thankful
To be very humble, and also be mindful
That God gave his only son, Jesus Christ
To save us from sin, to give us Eternal Life

So as we celebrate the holiest time of year
Tell your friends you’re happy they’re here
For everyone has pain, trials and sorrow
If we’re lucky we’ll have a chance tomorrow

To make a difference, to be a better person
For everyone will be judged, this is certain
So remember the loved ones that we have lost
To have loved and been loved is worth any cost

We miss our loved ones and it’s okay to grieve
Because as Christians we have always believed
When it’s our time we too will see Our Master
Reunite with loved ones and be happy ever after

So let’s celebrate the birth of Our Savior, the Divine!
Merry Christmas my friends, and have a great time!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to my friends at Pacific South Condos