Sarah V. Whitley


Have you ever, loved and lost?
How, could it be worth the cost?
The terrible hurt, and the pain,
Knowing, their love you didn’t gain.

I have, and I’ll tell you this much,
I really wanted our lives to touch.
Who said, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost’,
‘Than to never have been loved’, was off.

They, must have never, known defeat.
Or, ever been lonely, hurt, or felt beat.
Beaten, by life and loves’, crazy game.
Their life would never ever be the same.

You, have to accept that it wasn’t right,
Even, if you cry lonely tears at night.
But, sooner or later, hopefully soon,
You’ll walk with another under the moon.

And, true love will set your heart free,
So, you can find another to love, like me.
It’s so hard, to ever love or trust again,
To this, I can surely say, ‘Amen!’

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to all Lost Loves