Sarah V. Whitley


Life’s greatest lesson is to cope,
To cope and never give up hope.
Positive, negative, good or bad:
The choice to be angry or glad.

Glad for this moment, this day,
To be a better person anyway.
Don’t hesitate to change your life,
To be happier with less strife.

Be strong, and take heart.
I think that advice is smart.
To be humble, and thankful,
For things which make life full.

To enjoy life and every breath:
Who knows what time is left.
Time to show that you care,
Start living and learn to share.

Judgment Day will surely come,
I hope you’ve given back some.
To the ones that mean the most,
And I hope you’re able to boast.

Of a life full of love not tears,
I hope death you won’t fear.
Use love and laughter as a tool,
To harvest life don’t be a fool!