Sarah V. Whitley


I wonder if heaven has every flower,
Every flower, that’s found here below;
God has the ability and the power.
I wonder, is there any grass to mow?

Angels are always carrying, beautiful roses,
Always have exquisite flowers in their hair.
Can you imagine the scents for your nose,
Descending from above to answer prayers?

Resting in gardens of flowers by his side,
To me without flowers, it wouldn’t be right.
In heaven beautiful birds must also reside;
Heaven really must be a most beautiful sight.

Heaven couldn’t be without these lovely things;
Angels and flowers just go together so well.
Peace and contentment these things bring;
Surely there’s no flower down there in hell.

The devil can’t stand wonderful scents.
From heaven he was booted out in disgrace;
To destroy the human race, he’s hell bent.
Our Lord God wanted him out of His place.

He was God’s top angel, but betrayed Him;
Satan was loved by God, and by Him did reside.
He thinks of humans as weak and shallow men.
Once God’s favorite, he really was His pride.

Far below to eternal hellfire he was sent.
He still loved Satan, and knew he was bad;
Because God knew he was unable to repent.
Sending him to hell must’ve made God sad!