Sarah V. Whitley


On the beautiful sands of Virginia Beach,
The first English Settlers, land did reach.
They paddled ashore, in small wooden boats,
For fresh water, they desperately needed to tote.

For, they had strayed, off their original course,
So, needless to say, their thirst did force,
Them to boldly, go ashore, to find drink,
It must, of been very scary I think.

For, what people or beasts could be there,
There were plenty of fish and fowl, in the air.
The search party stayed that first night;
But Indians raided their camp before light.

Back to their ships that morn, they did flee,
They left a wooden cross, at Cape Henry you see.
They, sailed around the great Chesapeake Bay,
They saw Indians roasting oysters, the next day.

Again, they paddled their wooden boats ashore,
Because, they wanted to taste, those oysters for sure.
They found the oysters, smoky and delectable,
The Indians had fled, and were undetectable.

They tasted for the first time also, smoked fish,
They liked the smoky flavor, of this dish.
With the bountiful meadows, so close at hand,
They fell in love, with this beautiful land.

Everything, was so plentiful, fresh and new,
They knew, they wanted to live here, too
Up the James River, they continued to sail,
To Jamestown, from whence they did hail.

They came ashore, and decided to build a town.
Needless to say, a lot of trees came down.
They built their little houses, of logs and straw,
The Indians were watching, and this they saw.

White men working, to make a huge log wall;
Did, they understand, that they were doing it all,
To keep them, the Indians on the other side,
So they, the Indians, couldn’t come inside.

Many settlers died that first winter, as well,
For they starved, not knowing or being able to tell,
If the ships would return, from England their mother;
They tried desperately, to help, and comfort each other.

The ships finally did return, with food and supplies,
And, so the settlers no longer continued to die.
For this, surely was just the beginning, of the end
Of the ways of our brothers, the ‘American Indians’.

Now America, is the strongest nation of all,
I’m part, ‘American Indian’ for this I stand tall.
May our love of God, Country, and Ourselves,
Make us proud of this country, where we dwell.

Let ‘God Bless America’ always be our song,
And, let all ‘Americans’ be proud and strong!