Sarah V. Whitley


It is really shameful, not even funny,
Children, think Easter is about a bunny.
Easter egg hunts, parades, it’s madness,
This world of ours is so full of sadness.

Easter parades, and new Easter attire
That everyone just wants to admire.
It’s about a young carpenter, God’s Son,
The Heavenly Messiah, the Chosen One!

Jesus wanted God, to give us another try,
Look how they repaid Him, I want to cry.
Parents, make sure your children feel,
The love of Jesus, and they will heal.

Heal in spirit, body and their very soul;
Their life will be easier, take a lesser toll.
True Christians know what it’s about.
Preachers stand at their pulpits, and shout:

What Jesus had said, and taught when He lived.
For us unworthy sinners, His life, He did give.
He re-appeared on the third day, it was no illusion,
I pray, that there’s no more doubt, no delusions!