Sarah V. Whitley


Sarah V. Whitley: Chris and Virginia TurpinChris, today as you take our daughter as your wife,
It means that we also take you, as a son in our life.
You have asked her Father and I for our consent,
We gave it to you, because you both seem so content.

We gave our blessings, and now give you our hearts.
We want you to know that we could never be apart.
Apart, from the ones that we give to you today,
So please, don’t ever take this union lightly we say.

We pray that you and Virginia will always be best friends,
Because, that will keep you together and help mend
Any problems or troubles, that you as one will face.
For true love never dies, or could ever be erased.

But, this we can say, ‘Chris please love and protect them;’
Because, without them the light in our lives would dim.
Virginia Dare was our miracle baby, and she will always be,
We love and cherish her more than anyone could ever see.

We prayed for a long time, for Virginia to find her place,
In her true loves heart, and I can see it in your face.
It’s hard to explain, but a mother always knows,
We recognize true love, and may yours always grow.

And today, as you promise to Love and Cherish Her, too!
Remember our Sklyar is included, and now you have two,
Of the most precious and special people in the entire world,
And we look forward to watching your love grow and unfurl.

You know that you have her Fathers and my blessings,
I pray, that you’ll never leave Virginia or Sky guessing,
Guessing, about your love or your undying affection
Because, now you’re our son and we have that connection.

So in closing, this I say, welcome Son with all our hearts.
And never let anything or anyone tear your love apart.
Believe me, you two are lucky to have found true love,
Nurture it, cherish it, and always thank God above!

For, he has blessed this union, along with the rest of us.
And with our blessings, you have our love and trust.
So, as Virginia stands before God and takes your name,
Always cherish them, and never cause them any shame!

And, may your love be able to withstand any test,
So Godspeed, Good Luck, and mostly God Bless!