Sarah V. Whitley


Today you’ll say your vows in front of everyone.
In front of God and us, man and wife you’ll become.
And as you both exchange your wedding rings;
You’ll start a wonderful life where happiness reigns!

Charlie, today who take Brae as your wife;
To love and protect her for the rest of her life!
Brae, today you take Charlie as your husband;
And together as man and wife you become one!

You’ve been blessed to find your soul mate.
To have found true love is a wonderful fate.
As witnesses we give you both our blessings,
Because true love never leaves you guessing!

No one knows who they’ll choose someday.
So, all of us that love you both will pray,
That your love will forever grow stronger.
For true love certainly does last longer:

Longer than this physical life here on earth!
We pray that everyday really is a re-birth.
A re-birth of a love that continues to grow;
Because we know that you love each other so!

And Charlie has waited for this, your wedding day!
He has loved you and waited for you to say;
‘Yes, Charlie I would love to be your wife
Because with you I want to spend my life!’

We pray that you always hold each other dear,
Because problems sometimes will be near!
But together you can overcome any obstacles;
For when you’re in love anything is possible!

So, today as you take your vows and say ‘I Do’,
Remember your family and friends love you too!
So as you embrace each other as man and wife,
Remember we all wish you a ‘Wonderful Life’!

Author’s Note: For my nephew Charlie and his bride, Brae who exchanged vows in the Elizabethan Gardens on Manteo Island, North Carolina on October 9, 2004.