Sarah V. Whitley


Have you ever been afraid at night?
Woken up and couldn’t find the light,
Had a chill, been wet with sweat,
Knowing your worse fears were met.

In that dream that you dreamed,
It’s so surreal yet it seemed,
You were, really, in that, place.
You can remember every single face.

And you soul is filled with fright,
As you wonder if it’s really, alright;
You try desperately to shake it off.
And you feel so completely lost.

You check on every child, every room,
And pray that daylight comes real soon.
You need someone to hold you close,
This is when you need someone most.

And your heart is beating so fast,
You thank God, you’re awake at last!
You lie awake the rest of the night,
To wait for morning’s beautiful light!