Sarah V. Whitley


As my life takes me on a different path,
Remember that true friendships do last;
Last forever, in your thoughts and soul!
For memories unlike us, never age or get old.

When I started working here I was nineteen,
I wanted to be at the top, be the head of the team!
I couldn’t wait to prove myself, to climb the ladder;
Since then I’ve learned that it really doesn’t matter!

And that sometimes what we think of as success
Doesn’t bring any contentment, or any happiness!
I’ve loved my work and now my heart’s breaking;
But I look forward to the next step I’m taking!

I’m anxious to start anew, to go somewhere wonderful.
Someplace where there’s open spaces, and not so full;
Of so many people, with too many problems to face!
Just ordinary simple folk, full of God’s Grace!

I’ve learned some people are born with a certain call;
Mine, was to hear the patter of feet in the hall.
That was my own calling, my ultimate dream!
Everyone is different and this is what I mean:

Some people are driven by riches, and by greed.
The only thing that I was missing, my real need;
Was to have children and grandchildren to treasure,
They are my life, my happiness, my true pleasure!

But, as I raise up my eyes and look at all of you,
Don’t forget that I love you, and I’ll miss you, too!
I’ll miss the love and respect that we’ve been given,
Given to each other, as we’ve gone about living!

We’ve grown up together, we’re close friends.
This friend, you can count on till the very end!
They say that absence makes the heart fonder.
I’ll pursue my dreams, but I’ll pause to ponder,

Ponder about why I have been so very blessed;
With such wonderful friends, you’re the best!
I’ll never forget any of you, or this special place.
No, my friends, not your love, or your embrace!

So in closing let me say, ‘I’ll never lose touch’!
Because, “You know I love you all very much”!
I’ll always hold you close in my heart, and pray:
Pray that “I’ll see you all in Heaven”, someday!

Author’s Note: Dedicated to My Friends at City Hall