Sarah V. Whitley


How, can I, ever begin to tell,
You, about my pretty girl, Annabelle!
From my mind, I could never erase,
The vision, of her, perfect face!

Her lips are simple perfection.
She’ll, never need any injections.
Her body is definitely, a perfect ten!
She’ll, never have any trouble with men.

The boys, they’re already calling,
From number one, I’m quickly falling.
Her hair is shiny gold, like pure hone;
And grows way past, her little tummy!

She never, ever, makes me have to yell.
A real Daddy’s girl, you can tell.
Born, on her loving daddy’s birthday!
The most perfect present, I must say.

I always, take time to whisper in her ear,
Annabelle, you know, I love you so my dear.
I pray for her Health, Wealth, and Happiness!
Thanks, be to God, my life is truly, Blessed!