Sarah V. Whitley


May God’s love and His inner peace,
Comfort you and wash away your grief.
Like waves forever rushing to the shore,
May you feel Angela’s love, forever more.

Angela knew Jesus as her Savior and Teacher.
She taught us to love life and all creatures.
She gave us so much love and laughter,
Believed in, and knew about life ever after.

I pray the sun warms your aching soul,
And fills the void, that terrible hole.
God knows that your terrible loss
Has come with a devastating cost.

Listen for the Heavenly Bells to ring,
Every time an Angel gets her wings.
She’s in Heaven singing Heavenly Songs,
For Heaven, is where Angels belong.

God, give her loved ones the strength to wait,
For, they too, will make it to Heaven’s Gate.
Let prayer help you stay faithful and true.
For Heaven is where she’s waiting for You!

Author’s Note: I dedicate this poem to: Angela Pearl Dorsogna, an Angel