Craig White


I sit in awe of each day as I move on in life. 1968 and 1969 were a long time ago but at times it feels like yesterday. Young and eager to serve and at what cost?

I am a retiree; a grandpa and a father and a husband and yet I feel incomplete. Why? I feel as though I have cheated my brothers left behind – those who paid the ultimate price. For what?

God must just look at us each day and wonder when we will be able to throw down our shields and love one another like He loves us.

Perspective: I do hospice and get to see the peace that we all should be seeing everyday we are here for one another to love and serve not to kill.

I’ve been carrying this weight for too many years and I want to lay it down.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and yes, WELCOME HOME. As we do at hospice, here is a BIG HUG