Phyllis Wheaton

Phyllis Wheaton
Phyllis Wheaton
Phyllis is a singer/songwriter/poet who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. More information about Phyllis, including a radio dramatization of her poem, “Epic Dragon Poem” is available on her blog, Visit the Phyllis Wheaton Website and find out more about her and her songs, particularly the Album, “In Harm’s Way” which is a tribute to Canadian Soldier’s, Past and Present.


~ 1 ~

Since the beginning of creation dating back to dinosaurs
(Who’d force their will to take a meal on the weaker carnivore)

Dragon creatures did exist, credited with gifts
Of wisdom, courage, foresight, among their blessed list

And from the start Warriors tried to snuff out the dragons’ breath
And force their will and show their skill at the triumph of its death.

When man began to organize and become civilized
There were always some who forced THEIR will toward a selfish enterprise

In one great war all freedoms lost and people lived as chained
The last dragon slain, and cut in three so NO enemy remained

But a prayer was said o’er the dragon’s head, an unbelievable prophecy
When seven minds and seven hearts would wake him from his sleep

And light would shine throughout mankind and peace would reign supreme
Out of darkness, into hope, leaving fear a distant dream

~ 2 ~

It started with a greedy king who passed his will to his descendents
And even Queens who came after him showed no mercy in their presence

This tyrant family ruled the land, and for generations reigned
And the history of the Suna, was blood stained

For years the tyrants over-taxed and ordered deadly proclamations
that pitted one against another as they laughed

A strategy to stay the people in the dark
Fearing each other’s differences would keep them hating and apart

The Suna worshipped the sun’s rays and believed their powers came from praying
Underneath at midday, they’d congregate awailing

The Moona believed in the Moons glow and at midnight every night
They’d bow down then twirl around, it was quite an awesome sight

The Soggy praised the rain, and lightening, without a threat
and of course it seemed the Soggy, well, they were always wet

~ 3 ~

The youn’uns of the Suna and the Moona and the Soggy
played in the forest in their respective territory

One day a cry so shrill it curled the hair upon your neck
A little boy from the Moona, had fallen trapped inside a pit

Something greater than their teachings, deep inside the girls and boys
Curiosity and compassion to investigate this noise

It took cooperation, his life saved and this was good
Then they had fun playing games and sharing each other’s food

~ 4 ~

Months had passed yet secretly they met under the bunga trees
And the events that would unfold would fracture everyone’s beliefs.

The Suna were out at noon praying with squinted eyes
When suddenly the earth shook and a full moon appeared in the skies

And covered up the noon day rays and darkness then ensued
by light of day the sun rolled behind an eerie, black full moon

The earth shook in its darkness, the people screamed in terror
When all calmed down they looked around to blame someone for this horror

The tyrant proclamated the Moona had orchestrated
The destruction of the Soggy and the Suna, with their Moon God… so he stated…

Kill the Moona and he laughed intoxicated with his might
And watched the villagers swarm in frantic mobs to fight

~ 5 ~

The eclipse and the earthquake caused the prophecy to awaken
And the dragon head once buried under clay and sod was shaken

Now, those young’uns of the Suna, Moona and the Soggy
Who secretly became friends and met in the forest covertly

Had come to know that the moon and sun and rain were all important
And that all beliefs had something that was infinitely potent

Well, on this day of prophecy when in the forest all together
They came upon this freakish site, poking through the heather

With nervous hands they scraped away the mud and accumulation
And revealed the beauty of the skin of an ancient mystic dragon

A head, a body and a tail lay in three pieces waiting
For the seven to breathe life into it, and a future for the making

A thought occurred as if divine, to liberate their people
A plan to overthrow the tyrant family and their evil

Their seven minds knew they had the powers of the spirit
The collective will to bring Peace to earth and the courage to just do it

Their human hands raised the dragon skin; they stepped under it, with pride
Their seven hearts courageously became the dragon’s heart inside

~ 6 ~

On they marched with fierce intention, to the fortress gates
The royals terrified of their impending fate

A majestic scene this dragon trotting toward the foe
The villagers cowered behind bush and wall, paralyzed afraid to show

Unaware of their offspring there, and what their younguns were aspiring
An idealism and an innocence but not capable for the trying

The tyrant fought with soldiers bought, mercenaries without a home
and the dragon and the seven were brought to death on the castle stone

The parents of the Suna, Moona and the Soggy then caught on
That what their children tried to do, was what they should have done

So enraged they forgot their fear, rose up together and found their strength
Fought the Tyrant and his army, shoulder to shoulder and at great length

They fought until victorious in their children’s’ name
And won, their freedom for the village by the power they had gained

~ 7 ~

The elders of the Suna, Moona and the Soggy saw the light
They comforted each other and they grieved into the night

They came to understand that what they all believed was important
And that all beliefs had something that was infinitely potent

The light did shine throughout mankind and peace did reign supreme
Out of darkness, into hope, leaving fear a distant dream

A bronze statue stands of the dragon and the seven, celebrating
Reminding future generations, who might be enquiring

How peace was brought and at what cost but also with a caution
Peace is not free, but collectively our wills can turn to action

When we look inside ourselves to find the will we find our power
And together everyone began not wasting one more hour

~ 8 ~

Now, our seven didn’t really die ‘cause this is just a story that we tell
But the message is very clear of the soldiers who really fell

The bronze statues, the memorials with the names of soldiers past
And present who have stood against and in a Tyrant’s path

Remember them; they gave their all for the liberty of those
Oppressed and under tyranny of stronger wills of foes

Peace is bought in pieces, by many hands and many minds
A cooperation of the spirits can change the future of mankind.