Heather Wheaton

Heather WheatonHeather’s father is a World War II Veteran. When he passed away his military memorabilia was passed on to her and is a possession she treasures and tries to understand. Her father never talked of his experiences but in his eyes she could see the pride overlaid by the horrors he had witnessed. More of Heather’s writings may be read on her personal website


A Mother holds her breath staring at a tall handsome man; this is the part of the job he did not like. The woman knew why he was there, no words needed to be said. Tears rolling down her cheek, she tried to be strong but couldn’t bare it. Her thoughts ran fast back to yesterday, baby in her arms, she was singing to him in the night…

The soldier started to say……

He was young and proud and so was I,
He went off to war and paid a price and died,
So brave a valiant he was,
Fighting for what he knew was right
for the freedom and liberty of mankind,
For his country he gave his life.
The fear he felt was stuffed away
All he wanted was to be brave,
I stand proud before you today,
This man of honor, courageous,
warrior of freedom and human rights,
For the glory of mankind
he stood like David on the mound,
but he felt a piercing from behind,
he knew he was going down,
Tell my momma I love her so,
I miss her rocking me in her arms,
tell her put me to sleep with a song,

Then the soldier walked away all he heard was her voice in the distance, holding back the tears, humming a song from yester year.

Something he will never forget… (LEST WE FORGET)