Tucker Wellington

Tucker Wellington
Tucker in Kuwait
Tucker Wellington is the pen name of an American soldier who is an Iraqi War Veteran.

Webmaster’s Note: Tucker has provided me with his full name with the request that his poetry be published on the IWVPA website under his pen name.


One morning a man sat alone
His eyes where fixed on the distant horizon
Hours he spent in utter nothingness
Searching for the sound of silence

He was tired and broken
Holding onto a glimmer of hope
Praying for happiness or death
Waiting for a thought of guidance

Then in a single moment
The man became aware
For the sun had fallen below the horizon
Revealing the mystery of the hidden words

“Now I see what I must do”
The son of man broke his meditation
He raised his head with strength and faith
He left his home to go fight the battle

Months past and the son of man returned
His heart was broken and his mind scattered
His body was sore tired and bruised
His strength had gone

“As bidden I fought with fidelity and hope”
The son of man spoke to the sky
but the hidden mystery spoke from within
And brought the son of man to his knees

The voice spoke softly and then it was gone forever
The son of man fell to the floor
And prayed for death

The son of man knows not the hour
The son of man knows not the method
The son of man is afflicted with expectation
The son of man is seeking justice

The son of justice is void of peace
The son of justice bears the burden
Of the mystery of the hidden light
Only through peace will there be peace

Author’s Note: Insanity, confused faith and Operation Iraqi Freedom inspired this poem.