Diane M. Weller


We’ve taken our youth and we’ve sent them to war,
I pray that it’s soon, that we send no more
To follow the thousands we’ve already sent;
Into harm’s way, no choices, they just went.
Orders they’ve followed as the proud and brave that they are,
We’re asking so much of them, sending them so far.
From the families and friends and the safe love they’ve known
Into battle, hatred, killing, facing evil, they’ve been thrown.
Into a nightmarish world, they know not what to expect
As they’re thrust into a new experience where they face constant threat.
Not one will come home the same as they left.
A generation is changing as the homeland they protect.
They vowed and they swore to take up arms and to serve;
As Freedom and Peace is what they strive to preserve.
Not just for us here, but all over the World.
They pray that their battles, the evil they’ll cure.
I ask myself daily if that’s possible, I’m not sure
But, if it is, I pray it will be,
And sooner than later, preferably,
An end to the threats to innocent life.
It’s not right for ANYONE to have to live under all this strife.
There’s a place where war starts, an event that screams “Justice”.
Where is the end point, where is the notice,
That tells everyone the fighting is over?
Time for a change, healing, time to recover;
Time to put it in History books to always remember.
I just pray it ends soon and there is never another…