Diane M. Weller


Diane M. Weller: Welcome Home – One Day At A TimeThere is a fear I hold deep inside
Of a son gone to war, what he was, left behind.

They make the trip to lands far away
And all too often, the man who went there, just stays.

They go away as we’re left behind here in dread:
When they return, will it be alive or dead?

Even when they come back whole and alive
There are so many changes we all have to strive

To welcome home the same son yet a different one too,
Because of all the experiences they’ve now been through.

They go away scared just as much as we are
Heading for unknown, dangerous lands, the sad time of war.

When they return, the fear again we all share
Filled with great happiness, expectations and yet so scared;

Due to all that we’ve been through on both ends of this time
What are we all to expect for he’s no longer just mine?

He belongs to the Nation, a veteran indeed
It’s a well-known fact thought, they’ll not see to his needs.

He’ll come home yet my son for all time
Yet all things he’s been through now will haunt his mind.

We’ll love him, support him the best that we can
But who left us, our child, has come home a man.

Do I hug him, ask questions, or just leave him alone?
How is he taking to adjusting to coming home?

I don’t know what to do, what to think, what to say.
Dear God, please lead me is the best thing I can pray.

I realize he’s facing the same questions, concerns
He’s experienced part of life I wish he’d never have learned.

Welcome my child; my love hasn’t changed
Except to encompass you in a much wider range.

Know that I’m here giving you space but so near
Just waiting for your guidance in what it is you want to hear.

You’ve grown, seen and done things I might never know
Things you’ll hold inside that you won’t ever let show.

I won’t push, dig or ask you for more than you can offer
As my child I think you know all that I’m after.

Providing you a home, safety, family filled with love
No matter your experiences. Those are between you and God above.

Just guide us and help us to know your needs
As you return to beginning planting new life seeds.

We’re here for you always, loving parents so proud:
Never afraid to shout it out loud.

Welcome home my child, my hero my brave,
Time and adjustment, support, love that we gave

We’ll continue to offer in His Holy name
Home now we’ll, you always remain.

Through good times and bad, adjustment we’ll all make
The love of our family is what’s at stake.

We’ll learn together like when you were born
As each new day begins a bright, sunny, safe morn.