Diane M. Weller


We set our hearts as Freedom Fighters
To continue Freedom as per our Forefathers.
We sign away our lives on that dotted line;
Work hard, train well, our bodies, and our minds.
We are the enlisted; we wait to be assigned,
To the valiant jobs of others in past times.

The equipment has changed, for the better they say.
Many lives are still lost in the same old way;
A bullet, IED, mortar fire, suicide bombers;
It turns civilians and military into too many mourners.
We’re heroes some say, to our very dismay
As human beings we cry, as our brothers die by our sides.

We’ve come, did our jobs, went home to return again,
A never-ending cycle, will it ever end?
We do it all with great Love for Freedom;
We protect the innocent, try to share it with them.
America is great, loved by so many;
They cherish their hopes for Freedoms aplenty.

We’ve fought many battles, some lost, some won,
In an attempt to protect every one;
Who desires Freedom and Peace in their Nations
We’ve pledge to fight onward whatever the duration.
We pray this war will end one day
But until Freedom rings here, we’ll just have to stay.

Stand tall and true blue with us, American People,
We’re threading Freedom like the eye of a needle.
We will fight day and night for Peace’s bright light;
We’ll do the job even though it’s a sight.
We hope and we pray no one ever sees this thing called war,
Or the terrorism again, that came just before.

One day we’ll come home and be able to stay
To tell all others why we came without delay,
To help the innocent peoples of a faltering nation;
Believe me, the innocent show us much appreciation.
God, help us endure and continue to stand tall
Until it’s over, for one and for all.