Diane M. Weller


Soldiers will die,
They’ll give it their all.
A Nation will cry
For all those that fall.

It’s America’s past,
Our present, our future –
As long as evil lasts.
It’s a word we do NOT nurture.

The men and women who’ve given some
In all the wars lost and won
Return to a Nation, overcome;
Heroes we call them – EVERY ONE!

They return to family forever changed
To live a life of memories untold.
Some will claim they are deranged
But to us, they’ll remain forever bold.

Humans with nightmares
We’ll hold them in fear
As their horrors we’ll try to share
For many a year.

Comfort and Love is all we can give
As all soldiers die inside.
Whether they die or live
From awful memories they’ll try to hide.

Hold those Heroes!
Dead or Alive!
War offers all a score of zero
For no one truly survives.

A soldier cries
Inside and out
He lives or dies
But “For Freedom” he’ll shout!