Diane M. Weller

(To a Special Young Lady, My Daughter, Shannon Stack, E2)

My Daughter, Shannon StackMy daughter’s leaving for the duty she feels
With pride for our Country; a love so real.
She was my littlest girl one day, long ago;
But as her brother who went before her, you know,
She heard the calling of her country and joined.
I do for her as for all the others entwined,
Each day and night I pray, pray, pray.
The fear and tension begins yet again today
As she prepares, too soon, to fly away.

I remember when she was in nursery school,
Her precious screams of separation ruled.
I carried the burden myself back then
Of her growing up to leave ME, when.
And now she is and it’s my turn to cry;
But I know too, with time these too shall dry.
We’ll conquer it now as we did back then,
Both looking forward to togetherness again.
My hero she departs, carrying us all in her heart.
We won’t be separate there, not now, not then.
She will come home; and she will have WON!