Diane M. Weller


Diane M. Weller: Mothers Cry ~ Soldiers DieMothers shed a million tears
Over what we’ve learned to fear.
Children grow up much too fast
To maybe die in a terrorist blast.

The world has changed since we were young;
Back then it seemed like only fun.
Motherhood we chose to be
Thinking of nothing but a precious baby.

We didn’t think they’d grow up one day
To go off on their own, so far away.
We can’t protect and keep them near,
And so begins our very worst fear.

“Cut the apron strings,” they say,
Rubber bands bring them back our way.
Games of war they used to play;
Now it’s real and we rue the day.

A Nation called for pain was felt
Americans all must tighten their belt.
We’ve given our children and we just pray
Homeward, safely, they’ll all return one day.

Our tears we’ll hide from everyone;
Not a day goes by that it’s not done.
No, motherhood is just NOT FUN!
But mighty we are, this battle is WON!

A Mother’s tears we’ll shed each day
The price is high but we must pay
For raising children Proud and True
To show respect for the Red, White and Blue!