Diane M. Weller

Diane M. WellerThe daughter of a now-deceased WWII Army Veteran, Sergeant Howard L. Smith, and herself a Veteran of the United States Air Force (1975-1977), Diane is a military mom; the mother of a United States Marine Staff Sgt. who enlisted in 1999; and a GM3 U.S Sailor daughter stationed aboard the DDG-80, U.S.S. Roosevelt.

Diane is the founder and owns/operates many websites and groups, all her God led effort to support the United States military, past, present and future, and the families they leave behind. Her main goal right now is the POW/MIA Awareness Assn. and getting this important issue more visual to America and other Nations worldwide. We ‘say’ never forgotten, but do we live it? Whether dead or alive, we must LIVE the promise!

Their Loved Ones’ courageous heroism shall be forever eulogized in thought, prayer, and gratitude and they must NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! Diane’s website, National POW/MIA Awareness, is FULL of information and links for so much more. Please visit her websites by clicking on the banners below.

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