Diane M. Weller

(Dedicated to Barry J. “The Bear” Mehn)

Barry J. “The Bear” Mehn
Barry J. “The Bear” Mehn
Barry Bear, May you always be there
To show the world genuine care.
What it’s like to reach out in love and in prayer;
Your Blessed gift is so rare.

You’ve given to others by the hundreds in counts.
Sick and disabled, every quest do you mount;
No matter your health, every task you do without doubt
With the love for the masses, that love does surmount.

You give from the heart, very freely indeed,
Trying to fill everyone’s precious need.
With a love Blessed by God, nothing will stop you, succeed;
For this is your calling He gave you; you’ll heed.

The cries of our military you take so personal
That you send to our troops all the goodies--an arsenal;
To show each and all that love rings eternal
You give of yourself to make their servitude ‘bear’able.

Asking, expecting not one thing in return,
You feel you owe it to them in your heart it does burn,
Remembering a time far from home when your heart yearned.
Your Faith in our Father you held onto so firm.

Our troops have surprised you with Thanks everlasting.
Open, honest, appreciative hearts they’re unmasking.
They’re proud and they’re brave but emotions are surpassing
That showing, expressing gratitude, is not too embarrassing.

You reached out and touched so many with your love.
There’s no doubt it’s a gift given you by God above.
He knew you were the man He’d be proudest of,
To His request to fulfill these troops needs with kid gloves.

With His love and mine and so many others,
You discovered humanity and pulled back the covers
So that everyone could see we ALL are still brothers;
Sisters, sons, daughters; fathers and mothers.

I thank you from me and a very grateful Nation.
You showed us all how to conquer all missions.
We are all so happy that He asked you for permission
And that you answered proudly with your dedicated submission.

Barry Bear, you’re a man to learn from,
You helped so many, and touched every one
Who needed the most to be touched by His Kingdom
You’re the best! A very loving man who is truly

Love Eternally, Grateful for all time,
A special friend, theirs and mine;
Now heal and get well before I have to kick your behind!
From Gunni with Love, very grateful, you’re a treasure undefined!!

Author’s Note: Barry is an American Veteran. He is blind, has had open-heart surgeries on several occasions, and has been treated again and again for cancer. Despite all this and the fact that he’s confined to a wheelchair; Barry continues to send hundreds of gift boxes to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, a true American Patriot!