Diane M. Weller


You can rest assured that here at home
We’ll batten the hatches, prepared for any storm.
We’ll pray for your landing in the sands of hell
And that all remain safe until this horrible spell
Is broken for good; then we shall pray,
There are no more marines following into harm’s way.

I’ll watch over your wife and your unborn child
As you take those same steps I promise, I too, will go forth extra miles.
You won’t need to worry about her nor her about you
Because the faith we all share will most assuredly get us all through.
It has twice before this so we’re used to deployment,
We hate it, deplore it, dread it, not one second of enjoyment.

We know what is it, how frightening and how hard it can be;
How Faith in God and many Prayers somehow sets us all free.
I’ll cry at the joy of sharing in the birth of your child;
And yet in sorrow and fear until you’re homebound again, those last few miles.
Your wife will be glad when the baby she can hold
But she won’t be at ease till you, she, and child together enfold.

I hope you can go with a clear set mind
Of doing the job it will take and then you will find,
A trip back home with all who left with you
Safe and sound, one and all, to a heroes welcome just due.
You will be meeting a new son or daughter
Someone special, who’ll someday say, “Daddy, you’re my Hero”

Author’s Note: Mother and Son on our own ‘Deployments’

Greg and Ada Dague, with Mio: 2006
Greg and Ada Dague, with Mio: 2006
Thanks Son, for suggesting that I look at it in this way. It helped me to realize ‘some’ of what you go through even though I’m not entering a foreign land – just cross country, which can sure seem like a foreign land, and I’m not heading into a war zone full of bullets flying, mortar rounds going off all around you, car bombs, human bombs, snipers, danger and death at every turn. God will be with you and your unit and your battalion. As well as the Honor, Courage and Commitment of Marines that have gone before you who still walk the herald battlefields wherever they are.

God Bless you My Son, My Marine.
I love You Always and Forever.
Mom… Moma