Diane M. Weller

(For Mothers’ Day, May 9, 2004)

America’s Angels forever we’ll be;
Our duty, our job, to keep America free.
We pray and we fight, for it’s OUR destiny
To be with our soldiers who fight daily for our Liberty.
We gather together to stop tyranny.
We’re all banded together, civilians and military;
Together we battle for the rights just to be.
God’s children, He made us, and then set us free;
Never promising anyone that it would be easy.
Here and now we all fight, for in Him we believe!

Daily we face it with much fear and dread;
What we hate most is the number of dead.
We all have a fate, a road we must tread;
No matter how fearful, for it’s He that has led.
And with Faith in Him we pray the enemies fled,
American Forces please stay ahead.
Join all of your forefathers who also bled
So that everyone here can sleep safely in bed.
We wish you were home, safe, here in the homeland instead;
We join you in hope for that day still ahead.

When back to the heartland you’ll come safely home,
To the families whose love means you’re never alone.
We sit and we wait for the ring of the phone;
To feel all our pride that no evil do you condone.
God sits with great love for you up in His Kingdom
And on each side as He sits on His Throne,
Are some of your comrades, the one’s He said “Come Home”.
They all watch over us all, not just the some,
America’s Angels – we didn’t cast that first stone.
Those held responsible, He says, “They must atone.

You must always remember this thing known as war
Will end and with spirits then that will soar,
You’ll come home great heroes that we all adore.
Families and friends wanting so desperately to swing open the door;
To the homes, to the love, as it all was before.
The bonds now renewed, stronger, better, so much more.
We all having learned life is precious and pure;
The past pain of your leaving to be felt no more.
May the healing begin as we gather under each new star;
As you all come back, returning from a fight so afar.

The Angels were with you, each night and day;.
Forever they’ll remain now, by our sides they will stay
To help us begin anew, enlightened, we do pray;
That the call to arms doesn’t happen again – the cost is just too high to pay.
All the lives that were lost – it’s not a game we ever wanted to play.
For Life, Love and Liberty we hope it will stay.
For Freedom and safety we all enjoy each new day.
We THANK ALL OF YOU for the high price you paid.
We kept home fires burning for your return they were aflame;
Now they burn for our prayers that home forever you’ll remain.

America’s Angels we all are and shall always be.
Helping all Nation’s learn about Liberty;
And how to live and enjoy just being Free.
It’s not to be taken, ever, lightly.
It’s a wonderful feeling inside you and me,
If we can help all others to maintain their freedom;
To overpower the greed of those certain someone.
Make them remember they are not just the One;
But for Freedom and Liberty we’ve fought and we’ve Won.
For God blessed us all with America’s Angels of Love.