Diane M. Weller


To those suffering the plights of unknowing guinea pigs
At the hands of our Government and Military big wigs;
Be assured there will be justice for all the suffering you give
For when you meet your maker, your life you will just begin to live.
While those who secretly ordered, denied, and have lied
About Agent Orange, it’s affects and the facts they strive to this day to hide,
We’ll find justice when they meet their maker on their judgment day;
For from Him they can’t hide the truth and facts in any such way.
To Him they must answer all the questions refused today,
Of birth defects, infecting loved ones in the most casual ways.
It will start at the top and move it’s way down
Holding each one responsible, they’ll be met with God’s frown.
He’ll ask them, one and all:
How could you treat your fellow man and woman this way?
How could you use humanity for chemical play?
Why did you continue to lie amongst all the proof?
Why didn’t you do RIGHT by coming forth with the truth?
AO sufferers, family members, Veterans and friends,
They ignore you, deny you and continue to pretend
That Agent Orange caused none of the ills and pain you endure,
But hold on to your Faith for His justice shall be served!

They can run, but they cannot hide forever.

Diane M. Weller: Agent Orange
Photo ©Copyright 2006 by Diane M. Weller

Author’s Note: Dedicated to all families touched by the Horrors and Pain of Agent Orange, and most especially to Jen, the Founder of the Quilt of Tears, and to my great friend, “Irish”, ravaged by AO.