Ben E. Weihrich


Long ago, in the Age of Aquarius, there was a war – a war that divided father against son, brother against brother, friend against friend; a war which left mothers, wives, sweethearts in tears and questions in their hearts. Some of those brothers, friends, fathers and sons came home whole, others missing limbs, and those who came home in a gray coffin, and still others who are still missing.

Time has passed, as time does, and the wounds from that war has slowly healed not completely though. The people still remember the hurt, the anger, the grief, and the terror of that war. The nation had tried to forget the war because that war was never won and the nation was disgraced by that war. The warriors who came home faced and felted empathy, ridicule, hopelessness, nightmares, fear and terror.

These dishearten warriors tried to distance themselves from that war, but they could not. The war drew them like a moth to a flame. So with courage and faith these grunts, flyers, radiomen, medic’s, docs, nurses, cap’t’s, swab jocks, jarheads, doggies, chopper jocks, all kinds of rank and file, hippies, dissenters, draft dodgers, went to the people of that nation seeking to heal those wounds caused by the war.

Without the capital of the capitol, but with clout of the powers to be behind the seats of government, these warriors made their dream and the nation’s come true in the fall of ‘82. Together with courage and compromise, the “WALL” is a reality today.

The fathers, mothers, sweethearts, brothers, sisters, friends, foes, strangers came to see, touch, cry, rejoice when they saw or did not see a name on the “WALL”. Friends were made and reunited wounds healed, goodbyes were said, unspoken words were spoken, and things of love were left.

The hippies and hawks became one, the glorifiers and the demeanors are silenced by the “Blackness Of The Wall”.

No Shame No Glory

Just a celebration of heroes

Author’s Note: It took Years to write this here little story, but in ‘92 it was published in the “VETERAN’S VOICE”, a mag for hospitalized veterans (almost 2 years in and out of nuts wards, but things are straight now). Then in ‘94 it was placed with my story, “Write Home For Me” for the program at the PERMIAN BASIN VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL 11/11/94.