Ben E. Weihrich


I stopped by our War Memorial one early morning to give the “Morning Report”. I do this whenever I can to update my friends (225 names are engraved on the Memorial wall) in the “Barracks in the Sky” and to hear their report.

Usually there is no one there at zero dark thirty, but one fall day I noticed another car there and I hung back to give a little respect. As the man departed He gave me a “Hand salute” and I returned it and I was took back. I guess He knew why I was there, as I knew why He was there.

This went on for 4 or 5 months. I would come early or He would. I finally worked up the courage to ask Him why he came every morning. He said, “Son, I have doing this for some years and I hope I to find a replacement to take over when I have to report upstairs. I think I found that person. What is your name, Son?” I reported as ordered, not in detail, but in a gentle tone as it was asked. He told me his name and I was awe stricken.

He told me that he had fought in every WAR since DAY 1 (when that was I have no idea). He has seen every weapon, knew all of the generals, Sergeants, and held every dying Private in his arms. Heard all of the prayers, requests, and those that were unspoken. I asked how that was and He said, “I have ears that is tuned to hear the lowest or the highest question, request or prayer: it always from the solider, but a lot from their families, from a Major or 1st Sergeant. I hear ‘em all.” I asked if He granted any. He said, “I granted all that is requested of me.”

I asked Him if I was one of those that He heard a prayer from me in ‘em old days of the “WAR”. He told me, “Son, I have heard you give “The REPORT” every morning. I heard all of the names of your friends that have gone “To Report” during, after and now. I will see you, My Son, soon”. I saluted Him as He departed. I felt like a great weight was lifted from my heavy loaded shoulders. I bid goodbye to my friends and walked away feeling like I lit by a little ray of “SON SHINE”.