Jim Webster


Redheads are my downfall
I really have no shame.
When one wanders into my vision
That feeling fills my frame.

They all are really gorgeous
I don’t know what to say.
My brain goes into mush mode
and I start to burble away.

My movements become all awkward
as fear takes a hold.
And why am I so nervous?
all I need is a touch of bold!

Then things get even worse
as I enter terror mode.
The gibbering wreck that I’ve become
begins to resemble a toad.

At this point as she sees me
things really go downhill.
She gives a little smile and wave
and I reach for another pill.

Then all of a sudden its over
she moves on out of sight.
Thank goodness she didn’t speak to me
I’d probably die of fright…

Author’s Note: Essentially I wrote this after observing one of the others guys reactions whenever a certain redhead came near him. Of course when it was circulated he recognized himself immediately and since then every redhead in the place has been trying to find out who he is…