Charles L. Weatherford


Diving into the depths of devices poetic
I seek new similes, metaphors, and tools noetic.
Researching through tomes and volumes of old poems
for to write this book or at least complete the proem.

I find new terms to delight the soul,
poetic devices with names quite droll.
Dyfalu, mote, a very new gnome,
it’s a new definition in my mental home!

A grand journey of discovery
undertaken in quite a flurry
as pages turn and computer keys click,
here’s another new word, kinnikinick.

How can I concentrate on my writing
with so many wonders fascinating
bringing my delirious brain to a whirl
in an orgy of intellectual knurls?

A cave of wonders, this literary terrain,
as I gorge it all into my exploding brain,
I try as I might to take it all in,
but this joy of unearthing truly has yet to begin.