Charles L. Weatherford


Loki sits in his compound weaving his webs
bringing forth fire for man to use against man.
Although in recent time his power ebbs,
still he finds others to execute his plan.

They feel like heroes, martyrs for the cause,
as they give their lives killing innocents.
Loki uses them with no conscience to pause
reaping lives with a tongue of eloquence.

Clandestine arms deals provide weapons and bombs.
Teenaged fanatics provide delivery means
to rock the world and kill children and moms
sapping the will to defend with horrific scenes.

While Loki sits in his compound and denies,
saying glib things that the media needs said,
so they can bow down and go print his lies
to return and warm his ill-favored bed.

Too many believe the words of the Trickster.
Wickedly cunning with a nod and a wink,
playing the players who believe this warmonger,
Loki, sitting in comfort, of his plans he does think.