Charles L. Weatherford


Charles L. Weatherford: Grey Eagle’s EyesHe wove his magic spell
for the daughter loved so well.
He gave her reasons to love
thunder and storms up above.

He told of knights and fair maidens,
riding the clouds, sky denizens,
the knights upon unicorns
riding nigh the great sky bourns.

The sound of great hooves striking cloud
became the thunder they heard so loud,
as knights-errant went forth to save
distressed damsels from dangers grave.

The lightening that flashed in the sky
was a gift from the Gods on high
to light the path of the unicorn
and the knight on their mission forlorn.

Fantastic stories did he tell,
while each crash brought him back to hell.
He heard mortars and shells in the night
as each storm brought back war’s great blight.

Grey Eagle’s eyes were dark and tense
with angry ghosts of experience,
but never a word of this he spoke
as his fantasies he evoked.