Dixie W. Wayman


Why am I a hero because I’m the one who died?
The real heroes are the ones who lived and lost –
Enduring pain for years on end, choking back the tears;
Hoping and praying the pain won’t win –
That peace will replace the fears.

Though hero I’m called, ‘tis not I who must
Face the loss and pain.
What about those who beside me fell –
But survived the wounds and lived to tell?
Reliving the loss of that fateful day, with every memory –
Their war goes on.
They must fight to survive the loss and hurt,
With each and every breath –
That seems an eternity.

Somewhat a hero I may be – for I served my country well;
But my heroes are the ones who lived –
The memories of fallen comrades they must endure
That bear a silent and endless pain –
Memories they live every day of their lives –
Over and over again.