Allen Watkins

Allen makes no claim to having served in the military. Although drafted in 1956 he was discharged soon after because of a bad back. He proudly counts many former military personnel among his friends and worked with numerous retired Navy Chiefs, Marines (grunts), and Army personnel until the time of his retired from Northrop Grumman. Allen still keeps in touch with these valued friends through the internet.

The inspiration for some of Allen’s poems is derived from the stories and the confidences of his former military friends while others are based on the exploits of family members who have served in the military. Some of the poems are factual and some just flights of fancy. Dearly wishing he had kept a diary of talks that he had with his friends, Allen writes from the standpoint of, “a thought just popped in, now I must let it out”.

After retiring from Northrop Grumman, Allen and his wife retired to The Villages, Florida (the most patriotic city in the USA) where a vast number of the population is retired military.

Besides writing war poetry, Allen writes other poetry that he submits to the local daily paper to be printed for all to read. Some of his war poems have also been printed in the paper.

Index of Writings