Stephen E. Washam


A family gathers ‘round to grieve
For a loved one here who had to leave
Within this chapel still and small
Lies one of those that gave their all

His mother, father, wife, and son
Remember a life that now is done
They honor in this hallowed hall
A hero who has given all

His fellow soldiers stand with pride
Shoulder to shoulder, side by side
And listening to the bugle call
Salute their friend who gave his all

Far away in a distant land
His blood was shed on desert sand
This is where the brave did fall
And he was one who gave his all

A grateful nation bows its head
As tears of grief are softly shed
For him who heard his duty call
And answered it by giving all

He left his home to fight and die
For freedom, country, you and I
So take a moment to recall
The valiant souls who gave their all