Stephen E. Washam


How many have walked past you and just how long has it been?
Since someone took your empty vase and placed some flowers in
Were you a loved one’s father or perhaps a loving son?
A young man’s life that ended long before it had begun

Forgotten now, untended grave, how quickly we forget
How sad it is to see no flowers placed beside this vet
A tiny flag blows softly, beside your lonely stone
How is it that you’ve come to lie here sadly all alone?

Has family all forgotten you or have they gone away?
For no one comes to pay respect to you upon this day
Does no one still remember the sacrifice you gave?
To place a solitary flower here upon your grave

“God’s Little Acre: Military Cemetery” – Victoria BC, Canada: ©Copyright Feb 2008 by Anthony W. Pahl OAMAre all of their lives too busy to pause a moment here?
To bow their heads in memory of loved ones they held dear
Oh lonely fallen soldier the greatest price you’ve paid
Yet sadly nothing marks the hallowed spot where you’ve been laid

A life gone unremembered, a gravesite bleak and bare
No one cares to remember that a hero’s buried there
So it’s with greatest honor and humble heartfelt pride
That I now place this wreath of flowers here next to your side