Van Doren


“My country, right or wrong”?
It might be the title of a song
But for our People to be Strong
They need to know what’s Right, what’s Wrong.

Defending our Country is our absolute right.
But imposing our will – based on our might –
Declares to the world that “Might makes Right”.
It puts our armed forces in an undeserved plight
As they question the instinct: “Fight or Flight”?

As a Citizen, what is my task?
As a Patriot, it’s my duty to ask.
As a Veteran, I will not only plead –
I will demand of those elected to Lead:

What business have we in launching attacks
Based on suspicion, not founded on facts?
“Actionable Intelligence” must bear correlation
To hard Evidence with proven corroboration.

Before launching any “pre-emptive” invasion,
We need hard proof, not just a persuasion
That the threat is more than a handy excuse,
To sanctify our own “righteous” forms of abuse.

To question a leader who acts like royalty
Is our daily imperative, of utmost loyalty –
To our country, its people, and its laws,
And to our culture, with all its flaws;

But especially to those who’ve answered the call.
Because “All gave some, and some gave ALL”